Smiles from the Heart

A true smile from the heart comes from true family, friends and soulmates. It's the feeling you get when you truly smile, almost like its comin straight from the heart!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Smiles from the Heart

Well, my apartment is drywalled except for the office and my closets. Which may be completed next week! It looks awesome, very "cozy"! I will add some pics asap. Thanks Ken and Grandad again, and again and again. Jamie is going to stay down there with me a lot, and is real excited to help decorate and pick colours. Its halloween today, and my boys look awesome! Jonathon is doin better on some levels, but we wont have answers til january about what the heck is in his kidneys when they run tests that there is a wait list for. We know for sure now the ultrasound blobs are not an infection but c ould still be kidney stones, we dont know... ugh so stressful and worrisome. As a mother, seeing your son go through these last 3 weeks has been so hard. Ive been a mess. Anyway, on a better note, his sense of humour and sarcasm is not sure where he gets that from, LOLIm leaving for mexico in 11 days, and just to relax on the beach and collect my thoughts, and forget my problems for a whole week is a blessing. To bury my kids in sand, and play beach volleyball, wow, I need this. Well, dont we all though. Anyway, more next time kids, this is in my blogger and hi5 account for those of you who dont have me blocked on both, one or the other... And I will "try" to update more frequently. Love and Peace, Devon

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The latest

Well, hello again. Ive been a busy bee. Im not sure where to begin, so we'll start with the basement. Ken and Grandad rock! The floor is raised throughoutm, the framing is complete on 2 walls and the bathroom is framed, the heating ducts are done (to make the heat rise instead of comin from the ceiling), the water shut off thingy is separate from upstairs now. We have the tub, toilet, and sink sittin waitin, and plumbing starts this weekend (I think)! Holy ****. Awesome!!! It looks like something now! Thanks Guys!!!

Lets see, today we took Jamie to emergency to have a cyst looked at, as it had grown over the last few days, and Jamie was complaing of pain. Of course specialists are busy, so the referral can't get us anywhere until august 10th. However this thing has been growing, along with 7 others for over a year now, and we were gettin worried. Anyways they drained the biggie today (brutal to watch) and the others can wait til august hopefully when we get in with the specialist.

I saw something real cool last night. Grandad had left his drill at my house, but needed it for a job today, so after work I went to drop it off at their place. Expecting them to be near bed at 10:30 pm. Uh uh. They were playing some type of dominos. How friggin cool was that? It was a "warm fuzzy" for me to see them playing together late at night. How many Grandparents do this? Ha, well mine do dammit! Jealous??? People dream of this, I know I do. Grama and Grandad are my heros! What a cool thing to see what I saw. Love you guys!

Im real excited about this friday night. Mum is bartending with Ashley and I! Should be a blast watching mum do (I mean pour) shots! Im sure Ken will be happy when were finished with her, LOL (joking Mum) I Can't wait!

Not much else new here, that I can think of anyways. More updates to come! Oh, and when I figure out how to get the pics from my camera to the computer, Ill be sure to add some...Love Ya'll...cheers!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day by Day

Well, where do I begin? We have a new addition to the family, a new kitten to be a sister to Nakiska. She was soooo lonely and driving us crazy we had no choice! She misses her brother Spartagus. Jael was welcomed with open arms (you should see all the scratches) but Nakiska isn't sold yet. When I download some pics, Ill post them. Still learning on this damn site. She's my girl. (The girls will always remain with me, poor things!)

Kids are great since being told. So am I, big weight off my shoulders, but Im sure it will take time for them to realize things will be just fine. They are tough cookies, thats for sure. Jonathon said the other day when Scott let out a really bad "fluff" he said "Daddy, now I know why Mummy's really moving downstairs, its all about the farting!!! " we all burst out laughing, it was hilarious! Jamie said " Mummy...can you start calling it our apartment and our room? I want to stay downstairs too, and we can share. I can help pick everything with you!" Of course I got teary eyed and said absolutly!!!

Anyways We have been spending much time goin from skate park to skatepark filming Jonathon for his soon to be video that he is editing himself. Technology today, wow! He plans on sending in a sponser video by summer's end.

Jamie is now learning to skateboard as well, and has picked up real quick, but his dirtbike is his life! He will be in some video as well, and if I can one day I will post the video on here too, wow lots to learn.

Scott seems very happy to have moved on, but he's finding it tough with me here in his situation, but who would'nt! And let's be real ... I can't be easy to live with. We are still best friends, hopefully things stay that way.

Im doing great, I've never felt as positive as I do now. I still have my down days , but soon I will be in MY apartment and feel whole again. Time to move on and concentrate on the things that me the most to me (me...and the boys). It's time to begin figuring out my new goals and dreams, and take a leap. I finally feel like me...and what I dont know about me, I will only figure out in time.

Summer approaches and so many things are going on in the next few months. The apartment process starts today (and starts to feel real) . Still waiting on the engineer stamped drawings (but won't be long now, thanks to my little bro Jesse) and then the permit from the town, and then woohoo, away we go! Hopefully july 1st at the very latest!

For all of this, I need to thank everyone for their support, listening ears, and shoulders to cry on. That part is almost over. Of course Rob, Cyn, Alicia, Jesse, Mum, Ken, and Cam, you have been my bitch post, my solid rocks! Thank you for that, I love you all xoxox

Monday, April 10, 2006

It's all final now

Well, here I go again, im gonna try this and see if I can figure out how to post it.

Scott and I had our talk with the boys about the breakup and the plans for the future. It went much better than expected. I think I cried the most. Here I thought I'd be the tough cookie, and I guess I was, but the tears wouldn't stop pouring as soon as Jamie started. We could tell Jonathon was fighting back the tears as well. It was so hard. You'd think after all the breakups, this one would have been a piece of cake, lol, NOT! I think it was the hardest conversation ever.

After all, I have now legally changed my name back to Currie, began plans for the apartment and set a move downstairs deadline of July 1st, we've told the boys, and all the families know for the most part. It feels real final. Scott and I never want to go through this again. This is FINAL!

Time to move on, face the real world on my own, at least gain the experience of living on my own (somewhat) and gain extra independence. I can't wait to go through the stages I need to go through, lonliness, fear, too much time on my hands to think, and all the feelings of separation I have to go through to become a stronger person. Fear of where the hell my life is headed and what i'm going to do to make it that much better.

Most important, I can't wait to take my boys camping again after 4 years... Priority at this point! As soon as the apartment is done, and life is somewhat on track, Im loading up the car and we outta here. That I can promise you all. First summer dream to follow through with, and I can't wait!!!

Anyway, feeling very positive today, and have been whining too much lately anyway!
Cheers all!!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Update on the apartment front

Well, what the heck! Ya know, I got my hopes up after weeks of not knowing if Im gonna be living here in the basement, or moving out July first. Hmmm, finally we get the go ahead, and well how quickly times change. Got the info today that the entrance through the garage wont cut it. So we're now starting over with the plan A to go through the back of the house. OMG this is so frustrating. So off we go to the town, only to find that they cant give us our neighbours drawings, (she has the same entrance we want) with out her there. Well, she works 9-5. The town closes at 4:30. What the ****.

So, Now I try to get through to the company who built our home, and hope they can help us somehow. All before the contactor leaves for his 3 week vacation. This is a pain in my butt!!!

Anyways, thats the latest on the home front. Like I haven't had enough stresses in the last well, year!!! I'll keep my journal as updated as possible...cheers all!

Tryin to be with the cool kids!

Tryin to be with the cool kids!
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This is my old one, for pics check this one out I guess, if that works for ya! Dont respond to that one though because once I have this one up and running completely, i'd rather cancel my other one due to the Devon "Dimmell" . Thats not me anymore!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Smiles from the heart!

Well this is pretty cool. Im a 31 year old Mum of 2 awesome boys, Jonathon-13 and Jamie-9. My kids Rock!!! Scott and I kicked butt at raising them thus far, however we got a long way to go. Jonathon is huge into skateboarding, and loves to do video's of his skate team doin their thang! Jamie is all about the mini motorcycles/dirtbikes. Motocross is his dream. Once he has a better dirtbike, we'll have to hook him up to learn it all. He's excited. Never in a million did I picture these hobbies for my children, but I love it. I love the rush and how my nerves are shot everytime Jonathon does a trick, and Jamie fall from his dirtbike! Its Grrreat! My kids are the best!!!

I'm managing/bartending at a small town pub in Holland Landing. Lovin it. I think my college "high honors" diploma in social service is prime knowledge for working in the bar industry, (drunks and problems, wouldnt that be the same as workin at AA, although Im encouraging it? LOL...wait a minute... ahhh, nevermind.) and I make a lot more money doin it than I would working in the field I graduated from.

I live for camping. Mum used to take us when we were kids, and Ive been hooked ever since. It all became a sure thing the year that mum took her top off to go swimming in the lake, and realized she forgot her bikini top. We Cam, Jen and I laughed our asses off, while some old guy drooled. Mum just ran in to the water laughing while Cam waved her top around on the beach in hysterics. It was awesome. Never laughed so hard! Since then I have discovered that camping is what I live for. I haven't been in a real long time, but this going!!! Arrowhead is yellin for me! "Come'on Dev, play your guitar by the campfire!!!" Did you hear that?
Wow I got some learnin to do!

Its funny, no matter how crappy my memory is (which you all know), I'll always remember the funny stuff.

My family rocks, well.. my mums side anyways. Dads side doesnt really talk to us much, its always been lectures when we do see them about us not visiting them enough, however in my eyes, its a 2 way street! Im not sure that any of my Aunts or Uncles have ever called just to say hey! We used to go visit on Holidays once a year, but that was it. Now...nothing. We just never really fit into there click. We are close to "Gran" Dad's mum, we usually see her at least every couple of months. Dad, well we see him like every other week, we do lunch or just a visit with Cam, Jill, Gavin and Mya, eat his candy and leave...LOL Nah really we have a great relationship even without the candy. Dad and Gran Rock at least!!!

Cameron my darling brother, his wife Jill and their kids (my niece and nephew). They have had quite the struggle when it comes to life. Cam is truly amazing to have taken on all he has from the beginning. Gotta get credit for everything Cam in that respect. Your little darlings are darlings, and it must be tough raising children with autism. I can't imagine. Cheers to you and yours! Cam one more thing, you know that it was you who put the footprint on the mirror, just admit it...they won't be mad now, it's been like 18 years!!!

Mums Family, omg, what a riot! We don't see eachother more than a couple times a year, Grandad and Grama's Christmas celebration every year, and MummaG (Auntie Cheryl) had had some REAL GOOD parties at her place, with a reunion comin up in July. Family and friends from everywhere!!! It's gonna be a blast. All families should be as lucky as ours.

My Mum and Ken...they have been a huge support. Wherever life takes me, they are always there. I made some poor choices as a kid, then had 2 of my own kids, 1 at 18yrs the other at 21. This was real tough on me, but what a support they were. I really have a new found respect for all the things I couldn't understand as a kid, but as a grown up, with kids of my own...i get it. Thank you for grounding me as often as you did (LOL), and giving me all that health food instead of Joe Louis(LOL) (although in grade eight I would just steal them from the other kids) if you guys from grade eight remember this, im sorry for taking your Joe Louis, chips and cookies and replacing them with my apples and multi grain crackers. Anyway, as a grown up (or so they tell me) I have had a few rough years,but they they always understand (or pretend to ) and accept me and my choices for how I see them. They support me in everything I do (even if it wouldn't be their first choice) and find the positive. I will always be there for you too guys! But Im still not takin the birds when you guys croak!!!

My Daddy...I've always been a daddy's girl. I remember sittin on his knee watching TV all the time. I sat on his knee when we were out visiting (drove mum crazy), and of course, dad was the one to sneak us lifesavors and other treats every pay day, he even gave us all the change from his pocket to split between the 2 of us kids. He told us we couldn't tell mum (oops). We sure didn't then though. Dad is a unique father, but father who will always support our choices, may not agree, but will be ultra supportive. He believes in me, and is proud of who I am. If I could choose just one thing only from each of my 3 parents, it would just be to have them proud of who I am as a person, and a mother to their grandchildren. and that's enough for me!

The Dimmells have been my family/2nd parents now for 14 years. We have had our ups and downs, but through it all, we so far...made it. We've made it through a ton of tough times all around. In the end though we are all family, and they were definatly stuck with me! Chris, Krista, Mark, Emily and Jason, Love you all soooo much! Family you will always be.

Cynanne, Cali, and Elle, you are my family. We have lived together, laughed together and loved together. You are my sister, my best are family for 16-17 years Longest friend Ive ever had!!! Cali and Elle, Auntie loves you more than you could ever imagine!!! My bestest friends in the whole wide world (as Cynanne says to everyone who really wouldn't care) LOL

Friends, friends are my life. They are the ones who you can bitch with, cry with, and share great times with. I guess that would be the same as family, huh?

Scott has been my best friend through it all he definatly takes the cake (literally). How the hell he put up with my pms (or is it just bitchiness) for over half my life is beyond me. He has put up with me in times, I wouldn't even put up with myself. He has been my best friend, and the most amazing father in the world to my kids. We have had a four rocky years in our relationship, but through it all, if nothing else, we have had and will always have a friend in eachother.

The friends that I have are all amazing. Cynanne and Alicia, The Best friends a girl could ever ask for. Two totally different kinds of friends, but in the end, they both are my strength, support, laughter, fun, and always my listening ears. They get me through my tough times, and guide me to find my own destiny and follow my own dreams, and support me all the way, always. That is my kind of friend. Alicia, you are my special best friend. My support, my shoulder to cry on, my advice when I need it, and the most honest/blunt friend Ive ever had You make me laugh when I can't cry anymore. Alicia I adore you, and I hope I mean to you, what you mean to me...forever. Thank you for all the move out/move in... it must have drove you crazy, but I know you did it all for me. Thank you and Fred, and your adorable children Ethan and Grace. Friends Ive met through work, Jesse (my kid bro) and a best friend, Ashley (my bar bitch) and my bitchiest best friend, and Mike Barney who left us, (never forgotten though). You guys rock! Work wouldn't be the same without you all. Not to mention you guys are a wild bunch that are great to party with, supportive, and true friends and troopers.
Wow, Im one really lucky girl. If I'm forgetting someone, I havent for gotten you, just forgot to write about you, Ooooopsie, if your a part of my life in some way, than know that I love you!!!

The reason I titled this "Smiles From The Heart" is because there are simple smiles we share everyday, always... but there are real smiles from the heart when we think how lucky we really are to have the friends and family we do.

I Love You All xoxox